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I/We have been told and do understand that submission of an application of financing with S3 Capital, LLC. Does not mean that S3 Capital will factor or provide any financial services whatsoever. I/We further have been told and do understand that approval to factor may come only after S3 Capital approves this application and the invoices/accounts offered are approved in accordance with the terms of S3 Capital's security agreement. I/We understand that by signing this application, it authorizes S3 Capital to file proper UCC filing with your state. The above statements are true and accurate to the best of my information and belief. This serves as my permission for the release of any information contained in this application for the purposes of credit investigation by S3 Capital.

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To speed up the application process, please send the following via E-Mail at or Fax at 732-662-3364.

1. Copy of your Articles of Incorporation.
If you are a Corporation or LLC Please send us the Articles of Incorporation/Organization.
2. Copy of your Operating Authority.
We Need the 1 Page Letter Showing your MC # Issued by the Fed. Hwy Admin.
3. Copy of your Insurance Certificate.
We Need Your Certificate of Cargo Insurance.
4. Copy of your Drivers License.
Drivers license for Owners /President.
5. Copy of a Voided Check.
For Payment Routing Information.
6. Accounts Receivable Aging.
7. Customer List with Addresses.


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