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Why Use Factoring with S3Capital

With years of experience serving companies across North America, in a range of industries and situations, S3Capital has the know-how to be the right choice for factoring. S3Capital has customized factoring programs, designed to meet the unique cash flow needs of each client. From cash flow to service and success.
Businesses choose factoring for a variety of reasons, but there’s one thing they all have in common – they need working capital and they need it quick.  No matter what your situation or what stage your business is in, accounts-receivable factoring can be a dependable cash- flow solution for your business.

Reliable Cash Flow      

The availability of consistent, manageable cash flow is critical to operating a successful company. Without reliable cash flow, many companies struggle to meet daily financial needs. we provide accounts-receivable factoring which is an effective financing solution for improving cash flow. By using the steady cash flow S3Capital supplies, companies can meet their daily need for cash and use the money to grow into a strong, successful company.           

Expansion & Growth

Companies in expansion and growth stages need working capital. Hiring more employees? Purchasing equipment? We provide companies in expansion and growth mode the working capital they need.  The amount of available capital will grow as they grow, giving them endless opportunities for expansion.

Maxed-Out Lines of Credit

A maxed-out line of credit will bring your cash flow to a halt. Even when you have good credit, banks will put a limit to the amount you’re able to obtain, which puts a cap on the growth your business can have. With S3Capital, you’re only limited by the size of your accounts-receivable base; as you add new contracts and customers, more working capital is available.

Slow-Paying Customers

In some industries, slow-paying customer are common. It’s hard managing cash flow when customers takes 30, 60 or even 90 days to pay. Even with there is an agreement that spells out payment terms, some customers will routinely pay when it works best from them, not for the company doing the work. We offers instant access to cash. Payment for the work you do will be received within 24 hours.
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